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Special Mime Over Matter Exclusive!

Mime Over Matter presents the Official Mime Awareness Day DVD for all Mime enthusiasts around the world to experience and enjoy!

Indulge and savor a high-quality DVD with Mime Over Matter's very own Official Tribute to the late great Marcel Marceau (1923-2007).

The Extravaganza includes Le Centre du Silence's Director Samuel Avital, modern Mime art, and the Special production of Kiko & Friends!

Also included in the celebration are Mime Over Matter's exclusive videos as well as Special footage of those amazing Mimes never before seen!

Now you can enjoy those wonderful Mimes in the comfort and convenience of your home. Turn on the TV then sit back and watch, wonder, and learn from some of the most famous routines ever created!

Share with others this performing art which traces it's roots all the way back to the 3rd Century B.C!

Mime Over Matter has created this unique disc for the students of Mime everywhere. We make this remarkable, informative, and educational DVD available world-wide for only $7.99 shipping and handling included. That's it!

Simply click the check out button below to order your Mime Awareness Day DVD. You will be taken to PayPal payment gateway where you can review your secure online order. Several credit/debit cards are now accepted through PayPal without having to join.

View artistic, funny, and amazing routines you can share with other Mime artists!

Enjoy the Mime Awareness Day exclusive DVD available only from Mime Over Matter!

Productions: 4

Format: NTSC

Runtime: 23 min