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:sax: (COSTA RICA) San Jose has buskers singing the blues. Avenida Blues, a traditional blues band in Costa Rica, is finding national resistance to their style of music and performing. The buskers have been working for the past months filming their performances on the streets, issues with police, and concerts at large national festivals in the country.
Due to severe lack of interest of the blues in Costa Rica, they are trying to get exposure with the international blues community. With different administration changes, the police have taken down several artists, jailed some others, and have confiscated equipment. A strike in January resulted in a movement called "Nuestra Calle" when there was the reported abuse of power by local authorities in the arrest of a sax player.

The Avendia blues band has been working hard to decriminalize street music and doing some really great things with very limited resources. Their message and struggle was heard in Cuba for which they got invited to perform at the Romerias de Mayo Festival. Lasting 7 days, it is one of the biggest festivals on the island. With the goal of releasing a web series documenting their experiences, it is more of a cultural exchange between nations than exclusively a band documentary. In the end, they plan to edit and release an independent film.

They have released a Kickstarter campaign which will benefit the film production as well as their debut album for part of the soundtrack. You can learn more and support the cause for Avenida Blues and blues enthusiasts everywhere here.


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:tiphat: I would love to hook-up with you guys! I play and sing from Merle & Willie to Dylan and Steve Earle. But it's gotta have the blues baby! a lot of the old country came from blues standards. Look me up on Facebook Mark Knick. See if you like what I do. I plan to come to Costa Rica this year to visit. :guitar: :banjo: :busker: :sing: :spotlight:

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