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Permanent LinkJun 2, 2021 
:tied: (FILMRISE) A fascinating documentary by Penn and Teller reveals some ancient history when it comes to street magic. Starting from their base in Las Vegas which is home to over 400 magicians, the Magic & Mystery tour heads to India, China, and Egypt.
The duo first travel to India to examine the famous Indian rope trick. Upon ariving, they note that Indian magicians like the use of "blood" in their cutting and restoring performances. P & T then take a grueling 4 hour bus ride to the Taj Mahal where the Indian rope trick is to be performed. This version has a rope come straight out of a basket which a little boy then climbs to the top.

Penn & Teller continue traveling to China where the original linking rings were born. They encounter a magician who informs them that the secret to the rings is centuries old and "most sacred". P & T then visit a market place where the rings are for sale complete with directions revealing the secret.

To complete their journey, P & T end up in Egypt where is is rumored that the first magic trick ever, the cups and balls, was first performed over 4000 years ago. In an ancient tomb, they are shown hieroglyphs depicting the illusion.

Along the magical & mysterious journey, a magician also swallows a snake...yum yum.

Streamed on the Filmrise ap, any fan of magic will be throughly entertained by these authentic magical buskers.


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