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Busking ideas you may like by BC on Sep 5, 2021
:horn: (WWW) Beginning buskers all have to start somewhere deciding just what they're going to perform. Perhaps they already have a talent they can build upon. Others may have to start from scratch.
Here at Busker Central, an editor spent two years learning the songs he was to play before stepping a foot on a pitch. Once he had his songs down pat, he was confident he'd be successful. In fact, he was so successful, he was the number one musical busker in the whole city for twelve straight years.

Let us now check out around one hundred or so interesting pictures that may give you an idea or two about just how to approach the wide wide world of busking. Some are goofy, some are unique - but all are continuing the tradition of busking and street performing from centuries ago.

Click the link below for some ideas you may...

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Busking 101: How to Busk and Fund Your Travels by BC on Aug 2, 2021
:spotlight: (WWW) An extensive article by Ziggy Samuels at TheBrokeBackpacker.com has what is probably the most comprehensive directions in recent years on beginning busking.
Recently updated, it covers chapters such as What Does Busking Mean, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Busking Setups, How to Busk, Picking Your Pitch, Busking Tips and Secrets, and Just Go Do It!

"With this busking guide in hand, you’re gonna learn both how to busk and how to do it right! That is why you should learn how to busk because it’s an adventure", says Ziggy. He adds, "Busking brings joy to people. It brings entertainment and music to the streets. It makes people smile."

Some interesting observations are also mentioned such as How Not to Be A Knob since "not all buskers are saints - some can be right tos...

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Music to busker's ears by BC on Jul 2, 2021
:sax: Busking as a musician means being vulnerable. You're standing on the pitch putting yourself out there in front of strangers exposing your personal life. Rarely do you hear any encouraging words.
Although singing lifts your spirits, not all buskers sing. We perform songs that inspired us without getting any feedback on a deeper level. To get through hard times, we need to occasionally hear positive words. Mere money in the hat doesn't actually say much except that it's a reflection of appreciation.

The following are 9 things every musician loves to hear from fans, family, friends, and the public. Believe it or not, you're actually making an impact on society regardless of where you are performing.

Follow the link below for a tongue-in-cheek revelation.

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Magic & Mystery tour by BC on Jun 2, 2021
:tied: (FILMRISE) A fascinating documentary by Penn and Teller reveals some ancient history when it comes to street magic. Starting from their base in Las Vegas which is home to over 400 magicians, the Magic & Mystery tour heads to India, China, and Egypt.
The duo first travel to India to examine the famous Indian rope trick. Upon ariving, they note that Indian magicians like the use of "blood" in their cutting and restoring performances. P & T then take a grueling 4 hour bus ride to the Taj Mahal where the Indian rope trick is to be performed. This version has a rope come straight out of a basket which a little boy then climbs to the top.

Penn & Teller continue traveling to China where the original linking rings were born. They encounter a magician who informs them that the secret to the...

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