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Fame: 10 celebs that started off busking by BC on Dec 1, 2020
:tied: (WWW) Most people think that fame is instant - namely that through a fluke, fame comes to performers overnight. Far from the truth, it turns out that fame usually comes only after years and years of dedicated performing.
Some start out in very different themes before becoming famous. Who knew a fire eater would become James Bond or a mime become an Academy Award winner? One famous performer actually got deported from Spain for sleeping on the streets. Another got his nickname the "Beale Street Blues Boy". Can you guess who?

A closer look at fame reveals startling inconsistencies in perceptions of success. A famous comedian starts off playing banjo for lucky passers-by. Another star begins playing piano at age six. Just who will make it and who won't is written in the stars (no pun intended). Such is life.


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Where the tourists are by BC on Nov 3, 2020
:busker: (WWW) In these challenging times, we must all remember to go directly to the people. The busker must first "seek" an appropriate audience and go from there. The surprise impromptu performance is almost always welcome in the tourist industry. Even flea markets and towne festivals have been known to welcome the busker. Where else can you draw a nice crowd then entertain them?
Not any ol' street corner will do these days. You will need throngs of toursits to entertain and make a decent amount of "appreciation". What's just as important is a smile on your face which is rare these days. A smile disarms people and they, more often than not, willl smile back instantly making a connection.

Whether you're a circle show or stand-alone musician, you should always have cd's or dvd's of your show...

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Let's go to Covent Garden by BC on Oct 1, 2020
:tiphat: (LONDON) Where's the best place in London can you catch buskers, shop, eat, play, work, and live?
"Since the 1660s Covent Garden has never missed a chance to put on a performance. The first record of Covent Garden street entertainment came in 1662 when Samuel Pepys’ diary notes that a marionette show featuring a character named Punch took place on the Piazza. It's the home of London street performers today."
A shopping and entertainment hub in London's West End, Covent Garden centres on the elegant, car-free Piazza, home to fashion stores, craft stalls at the Apple Market, and the Royal Opera House. Street entertainers perform by 17th-century St. Paul’s Church and the London Transport Museum houses vintage vehicles. Upscale restaurants serve European cuisines and nearby theatres draw cro...

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Street Performing: Low cost, high impact by BC on Sep 5, 2020
:therapy: (THE NETHERLANDS) An article at TheCityAtEyeLevel.com in the Netherlands has published an article portraying busking as a viable means of rejuvenating city streets. Some city's methodology include Glasgow, Melbourne, and Singapore.
"Busking is at risk of being licensed out of existence, with permit systems, auditions, fees, written application processes, equipment bans, scheduling and branding making the spontaneous, surprising art in public spaces a thing of the past."

The article goes on to discuss street performing policy, proposed permit systems, and a starters guide to encouraging busking in your city.

Many buskers prefer to be self-regulated but there are always a few who abuse this type of system. This can lead to public disputes where there is strong disagreement.

For more info,...

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Street Arts & Busker Advocates by BC on Aug 2, 2020
:violin: (WWW) If we visit college professor Stephen Baird's Facebook page, we find lots of pictures, links, and related pages towards the pandemic-suppressed art of busking and public performing. An ex-busker, Stephen has been researching this for decades.
Of course, not all news is good news. Because of the global pandemic, buskers have been banned in several places including the New York subway where it's been a tradition for years. But in the meantime, we view Pogo Fred, the Red Trowser show, Gazzo, Woody Guthrie, Waldo and Woodhead, Will Soto, Hurdy Gurdy guys, and several others making the professor's current page.

"For as long as there has been a subway system in New York, there have been musicians decorating it with sound. However, they haven’t always been welcome. Performance Today host Fred Child t...

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