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Denver Buskerfest returns by BC on May 5, 2021
:party: (COLORADO) The Denver Union Station Buskerfest is back for it's fifth year after being cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, Union Station is the newly revamped light rail and bus station complete with restaurants, ice cream shops, watering holes, and boutiques.
Busker Central video journalists have covered many a buskerfest at the current site as well a previous fourteen year run as the nations largest buskerfest.

This year's international buskers features Tennis the Menace, Cate Great, the USA Breakdancers, Pogo Fred, just Felice, the Pear Performance Act, Rudi Monterroso, Annie Frazier, Kateie Mesmerie and Jeff Paley, and Rose.

Just like every buskerfest, these professional buskers are guaranteed to entertain the masses with amazing displays of feats - some quite...

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Busking: All the world's a stage by BC on Apr 4, 2021
:mrgreen: An article at PS Audio has some interesting anecdotals on the world of busking. Likening it to theater, the "stage" is actually the busker's pitch where the performances happen. The article goes on with a brief yet up-to-date history of busking including virtual or electronic busking.
Daniel Bacchieri points out that “digital platforms are powerful tools capable of transmitting local artists to a global audience. All the world’s a stage and buskers can make it big in a connected world. In the past two decades the audience for street performers has grown from dozens to millions thanks to sharing on social media like Facebook and Twitter, on digital platforms such as YouTube, and streaming services including Spotify.”

Dr. Paul Simpson, a professor of human geography at the University of Pl...

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Zen and the Art of Subway Busking by BC on Mar 1, 2021
:guitar: An interesting article at American Songwriter has an in-depth interview of the successful and creative busker by the name of Ori Rakib.
Ori is an energetic soul. He's been busking in the New York subway for years. One day after losing his jacket, Ori said to himself, "Alright - I’m going to start busking until I make enough money to buy myself a new winter coat." Survival comes first in busking. Some of us have already been there. At times, it can be hand-to-mouth with even experienced buskers.

"Once you’re past that first stage where it’s not really about being 'good' or 'bad' anymore, you start to realize how many lives you are able to touch by just going out there, opening your mouth, and singing."

"You’re not a brand - You’re just a guitar and a voice. People don’t know you, y...

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Just how many buskers are there? by BC on Feb 1, 2021
:hair: (WWW) Every once in a while, the topic of how many buskers there actually are comes up. A few years ago, there was some discussion about the chaps who filmed their performce in Antarctica. It mentioned that all three almost froze as part of a world-wide performance. This only goes to show that buskers are on every continent.
How many buskers are there in the whole wide world? Nobody really knows. We can only make an educated estimate based on limited data. An article at AskWonder.com tackles the issue although with certain assumptions. Do the math.

At sometime in the early 1990's, there were approximately ten thousand buskers in Europe alone. This would account for the majority of the planet. The rest of the continents would then total the answer.

Check the link below for more data on the global number...

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Creative song writing by BC on Jan 3, 2021
:guitar: (WWW) We all start out playing songs we like (covers) from other established artists. It's when we reach a certain plateau that we realize that in order to go further, we're going to have to write songs that the public enjoys. When busking, however, familiarity is king when your cover is recognized as tip-worthy.
So, how do we handle our creativity yearning to be heard? Busking can be a very useful tool when first starting out writing songs. It is here that you can get instant feedback if the public is relating to your new song. If people are enjoying themselves, dancing or even singing along, you've really got something worthy of developing.

Try writing a song with a beat or speed up a slow song you've already written. People are out to have a good time and, generally speaking, really don't...

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