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:spotlight: (BOULDER) Ever since the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado opened in 1976, it has undergone a series of rebirths along the winding way. Now home to human statues, jugglers, fire acts, and of course, musicians, "the mall" has settled down into it's present day form. New pitches have been created so now there's room for everybody at any given time.
Boulder is one of the most popular cities on the international busker trail. While most tourists don't know it, the mall has essentially expanded to a full 10 blocks. The tourists continue through stop lights on either end and get to enjoy a much larger and thusly more dynamic Pearl Street Mall. Famous for being first in the modern red-brick style, "street furniture" (benches and seats) line the pedestrian-only walkways where Busker Alley was born. You could live among the flowers and trees as many a busker has.

Musicians are free to busk anywhere. While the reasonable rules and regulations for extreme busking only pertain to the mall proper, the new blocks enable the busker to set up new pitches having whole street corners to themselves. Throngs of tourists abound. They stop and see a variety of acts while strolling the high end restaurants and cafes.

Speaking of musicians, the very first arrest happened before the mall was officially dedicated. Shops were beginning to open within the new atmosphere. It was 1975 during the Mork and Mindy craze that Tom Mathers was arrested for busking with his guitar. He was booked and released leaving the city to rule on future "infractions". Boulder had to ask itself if it was going to arrest performers on it's new mall. The law was re-written in favor of busking and the rest is history.

Down the street in Denver, the new buskerfest will be enjoying it's second annual gala June 23rd and 24th. Outside Union Station, two stages will be entertaining the masses and passing the sacred hat with shows all weekend.

Make plans this summer to check it out!

The history of Pearl Street


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