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:guitar: (WWW) We all start out playing songs we like (covers) from other established artists. It's when we reach a certain plateau that we realize that in order to go further, we're going to have to write songs that the public enjoys. When busking, however, familiarity is king when your cover is recognized as tip-worthy.
So, how do we handle our creativity yearning to be heard? Busking can be a very useful tool when first starting out writing songs. It is here that you can get instant feedback if the public is relating to your new song. If people are enjoying themselves, dancing or even singing along, you've really got something worthy of developing.

Try writing a song with a beat or speed up a slow song you've already written. People are out to have a good time and, generally speaking, really don't care to hear the blues. Most buskers stay away from ballads as they're usually way too slow, sleepy, and sad. Be sure to add some rhythm and a beat to it to let the edge know you're passing them along some good vibes. Keep in mind it's a creative process with a learning curve.

The best way to slip your creativity into the mix is right after you've performed a popular song that has gotten a good response. Busking requires you to be upbeat and positive - and so should your written song. Some buskers have a sign with song titles on them for requests. This can get the audience involved and even obligated to tip. Include your self-written song(s) in the list.

Need more tips? Simply Google "creative song writing" and you'll be deluged with websites offering both free and paid instruction. Getting stuck with lyrics? Some sites offer rhyming suggestions. Still stuck? A poetry website may have what you're looking for.

As David Bowie sang, "Do do do do do do doo do" (Rebel Rebel)



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