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Permanent LinkAug 2, 2021 
:spotlight: (WWW) An extensive article by Ziggy Samuels at TheBrokeBackpacker.com has what is probably the most comprehensive directions in recent years on beginning busking.
Recently updated, it covers chapters such as What Does Busking Mean, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Busking Setups, How to Busk, Picking Your Pitch, Busking Tips and Secrets, and Just Go Do It!

"With this busking guide in hand, you’re gonna learn both how to busk and how to do it right! That is why you should learn how to busk because it’s an adventure", says Ziggy. He adds, "Busking brings joy to people. It brings entertainment and music to the streets. It makes people smile."

Some interesting observations are also mentioned such as How Not to Be A Knob since "not all buskers are saints - some can be right tossers."

Follow the link below to read the full article.

Busking 101


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