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Victoria BC International Busker Bistro
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Author:  Bohemians [ Jul 4, 2011 ]
Title:  Victoria BC International Busker Bistro

French Bohemians Georges & Cerika will act as cultural hosts, performers and exhibitors at the upcoming Victoria International Busker Festival.
Victoria International Busker Festival


From Friday, July 15th, 2011 to Sunday, July 24th, 2011

What & Where

One of the world’s most unique festivals! Will feature a range of performers from around the world on event stages along the downtown Inner Harbour, in Bastion Square and at Bay Centre in Victoria, BC, Canada.

A bistro with a European touch at the heart of the Busker Festival

Come join us for evenings of uplifting Live Bohemian music that will make you feel you just traveled all over Europe and back .
Browse unique Bohemian Arts pieces.
Live the experience of a personalized Stone Reading by Cerika.
Enjoy the gourmet food menu of the Busker Bistro or simply stop for a refreshing pause, a cool drink or a beer.


The Bistro will be open from 12H00/noon to 22H00 every day from July 15th to July 24th.

Afternoons at the Bistro

Bohemian Arts exhibition – Stone Readings.

Spontaneous French Bohemian “teaser” musical appearances.

Daily official Live musical performances at the Bistro

    * 19:10
    * 20:10
    * 21:10

Contact & Information

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