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 Title: What they see is what they give
PostPosted: Jul 29, 2008 
Bwana Busker
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In striving to be the very best, this would include some psychology on your part. People tend to give what they see or are asked for. If your show is a walkby, let them see notes. If it's a circle show, ask them for notes. A panhandler came up to me once and asked me for a quarter. He then produced a pocket-full of quarters to show off his skills. I mentioned, "Don't you wish you asked them for notes?" :roll:

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 Title: Re: What they see is what they give
PostPosted: Sep 2, 2009 
Neo Busker

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this is true. Look like a bum, get paid like a bum. ask for 10 and get 5,ask for 5, and get 2, ask for 2 and get silver. If your a crate slug then you should start with good quality coin and some notes. I started with nothing as a statue once and it took a really long time to get the first drop. circle acts should have a positive line for notes and a negative line for silver in their bottle speech {sermon}. some people will bauk at you audacity asking for notes but they will change their tune when you tell them why. keep it honest {sounding honest to not set off their bullshit radar} and above all, make it funny!

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