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 Title: What We Learned from Reading Experienced Buskers
PostPosted: Nov 2, 2009 
Neo Busker

Joined: Nov 1, 2009
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Just wanted to let everyone know how much their time spent writing about busking meant to us.

We took a great deal of invaluable advice from the forums and such.

So here is what we did [we're accapella + percussion] based on the good advice we saw around the web.
Bought bright red and with yellow ribben bowler hats from the dollar store. We are thinking of hatting with them but we're not sure that's legal in Toronto.

Wear black jackets and pants with bright yellow/gold matching t-shirts. I didn't realize how stunning this was until I could see one of us, two blocks away getting coffee!

On Halloween, we dressed as matching Tigers.
We get right out on the sidewalk [we start in a doorway for acoustics] then engage people.
Hand out yellow balloons [50 for $1, we just blow them up and add ribbons] to kids during early evening, thus holding up foot traffic to stop and listen.

Made a bottle [money can go in, but nobody can get their hand in it] and attached a sign with our name and a stuffed, weighted tiger to it that sits atop our buggy [height]

One of us mentions the cash jar, frequently[/list]

We need a tighter show come spring. Any ideas on how long would be preferential?

We do well with people stopping--they realize we're out there doing our thang. Hopefully we'll get smarter about money. Any ideas for getting around the panhandling laws?

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