Clowns are a sight to behold. Kids love them. They are always busy honking horns, twisting balloons and having fun with general silliness. Be a clown!

These buskers have studied areas of makeup, wardrobe, and a variety of skills in the clown arts. They enjoy spreading the art of clowning around the world.

To clown is so popular that it's now offered at specialized colleges and universities. Circus clowns under the bigtop are considered the top-level pros.

Clowns can turn that frown upside down as they run around with a creme pie for somebody's face. That big red nose, undersized hat, and oversized shoes tells us they are on a mission of laughter. Children just love those wonderful clowns!

Some psychologists would have us believe that clowns are a way to make up for inner sadness. But just ask yourself. Where in the world would we be without those colourful clowns?

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