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Delve into the busking world with raw entertainment that is street-performing. Experience the here and now watching through the camera lens as Busker Central reveals this one-of-a-kind artistic busking movie. A product of years of filming, take an enlightening trip beyond the beyond into the wonder and mystique found deep in the heart of authentic World-Class busking.

Celebrate the art of busking through unadulterated comic, physical, and outrageous performances spanning from the superbly sublime to the totally ridiculous. It's something silly, something entertaining, something totally wacky. With a whole world in turmoil, it's something dizzy and woozy that makes you laugh and forget it all.

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"3 thumbs up!" - E. Brown, Hawaii

"Riveting" - K. Williams, Sarasota

"Amazing!" - S. Parker, San Jose

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"Fantastica!" - B. Ragouli, Italy

"Fou!" - T. Walker, France

"Crazy!" - M. Stern, Germany

"Breath-taking!" - C. Price, Australia

Productions: 25

Buskers: 500+

Runtime: 70 min

Busker Central 500 Extravaganza