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 Title: Busker Press Kits
PostPosted: Apr 22, 2010 
Bwana Busker
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:clown: Thinking of entering a festival or two? How about some performing contests? Make sure you're considered with your busker press kit.

Components – A nice complete press kit consists of 8 parts: Folder, Cover letter, Bio, Photos, Articles, Quotes, DVD review quotes, and the DVD, itself. By now, you should have accumulated all these and more. Send press kits out only if requested.

* Folder - Pick up some pocket folders. A nice cream or unique colored folder with a special decal, embossed symbol, or other artwork on the front signifies you are a pro by paying attention to detail. Your high-quality and stylish folder says you are completely serious about being in contention.

* Cover letter - A personalized cover letter introducing yourself to the festival should be included. Put this in front in the folder's right pocket. Behind it is your bio, articles, then a collage of more pics. On the folder's left pocket goes your big 8 x 10 glossy with your quotes page behind it.

* Biography - Create a short bio that's succinct and fun to read. Unless you're a professional writer, find an aspiring story-teller or hire a professional bio writer. Yes, it's that important.

* Photos - It is principal to have a professional handle and create attention-getting shots. Have a photographer that specializes in the performing arts meet you on the pitch on a sunny day. He will be shooting all around the show focusing on action and re-action. Finish by going inside the photo studio for more pro shots. You should end up with lots of close-up and mid range shots with professional lighting. For effects, hang upside down. Use wind in your hair. Spray water across your face. Try a green screen for a themed background. Get creative with your shooter. Action is the name of the game.

* Photoshop - Select some expressive mid and close-up action photos of yourself and cut them out. Using the rotate option, paste pictures of yourself in exaggerated positions - even upside down. Create a photo collage on a page or two in the folder's right pocket. Make one 8 x 10 glossy close-up for the folder's left pocket.

*Articles - Newspaper articles copied to white paper will give you a clean reproduction. Set the photo-copier to feature pictures and images if there are any. Put these in the folder's right pocket.

* Quotes - Use quotes from your past shows. They should say how wonderful a person you really are. Kids quotes can be priceless. Put the best down on one sheet of paper and pop it in the folder's left pocket.

* DVD - A sparking rendition featuring the great you is on DVD and ready to play. You'll probably have to spend a certain amount of money to get the effect(s) that you're looking for. Make sure to put your phone number/contact info somewhere on the disc in case it gets separated.

* DVD Reviews - Attach the DVD in a paper sleeve on the folder's right pocket. Put your best review quotes on a label on the DVD's front. This way, when the folder is opened, the DVD reviews are right there. It is often the first thing read after glancing at the intriguing photo of you on the left.

When it all works together, you'll be considered a heavy-weight contender to the throne and included in festivals and competitions world-wide.

* Corporate - You can modify the press kit to include a corporate gigs version. Your studio photos can now be re-used in the new presentation. Video some of your performance on a large indoor stage for a special DVD and press kit specifically taylored for corporate entertainment. Don't forget to include your professional business card!


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