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Fire eating can be a very enjoyable, low-calorie treat. From twirling and juggling to eating and blowing, fire is certainly a show stopper. Spectacular in nature, it conveys a sense of primitive art and sheer awe especially at night. It is traditionally found in the middle east and India.

It is not clear when fire blowing became. It is assumed the first flammable liquids that could support the combustion needed for display were used.

Fire eating and particularly fire-breathing are possibly the most dangerous and potentially injurious arts to be found in circus, theatre and street performing. Blow outs are the most dangerous item in a fire act! There is a very real danger of a blow-back, where the flame simply runs back along the stream of vapour, burns the performer or sets fire to their clothing or hair. Thusly, it is imperative that the fuel be a retardant rather than a highly combustible type.

Experimenting without knowledge may be fatal and the first steps should be taken ONLY in the presence of an experienced person who fully understands the dangers.

Buskers often use fire for their grande finales. When it comes to fire, it's safety first at all times. Only then can the busker enjoy entertaining the masses with this "hot" artistic expression.

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