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Corporations use the performer's special corporate video press kit from which to select their entertainment. If your high-quality video doesn't immediately show the benefits of selecting your show, they will move on to the next candidate. Why? Because those in charge of selection hardly have the time to sit through countless contenders to the throne. They are busy professionals organizing for a highly successful company. They need to be shown right off the bat that they've stumbled upon the most secure choice for their corporation's entertainment. Their very job may actually depend on their selection. It will take a lot of work and investment on your part to make yourself eligible for the compensation that corporate entertainment affords.

For beginners, your video will have to be professionally created. As the old adage says, you need to spend money to make money. Don't try to get away with low-quality video shot on cell phones or cheap handycams. It just won't work. You want to show your professionalism in everything you do. Consider the very real possibility that your video may take a lot of money to make. However, this can be recouped performing a single corporate show. Now, you're free and clear to perform many shows having wisely invested in one professional video to begin with. Work smart to be paid smart.

Your video must have exciting effects that will hold the viewer spellbound much like the modern television commercial. One huge advantage you have, however, is that it will be much more entertaining because it features your showmanship rather than selling a mundane product. No street performing here...This is a pure on-stage production. Your video commercial is selling one thing - YOU!

Professional Videocamera

Start by introducing yourself professionally dressed. Wear the corporate garb of a suit and tie. This is the big time. You can't seriously expect to be paid professional money with you in shorts and flip-flops. Relate to your audience by looking like them. Have yourself filmed in a studio with the proper lighting and backdrops. Speak your script clearly and enthusiastically using cue cards or a tele-prompter. Look straight into the camera and explain what you've already accomplished, where you've performed, for whom, and with what results.

Assemble short five-second clips of professional gigs you've already filmed. Run through them quickly as you have a lot to cram into your video. If you don't have any clips, you may have to offer performing your show free five to ten times with the stipulation that you can shoot your video promo you're making. Remember to look like your intended audience. You won't be able to perform in a suit but a nice shirt, tie, and pair of slacks is appropriate. With each corporate gig you can display, you're building more and more confidence in your viewer that you are the one to safely choose for their corporate event.

Then, show the logos of companies for which you've already performed. Have them zoom in and out or float across the screen quickly just long enough for the viewer to read. This is another confidence-builder for the viewer to absorb. If all these other corporations selected your show, it's a safe bet the viewer will be confident in selecting you.

Now you can display longer clips of some highlights of your show. This will be the meat of your corporate video promo. Here, you can show some tricks, audience participation, reactions, and applause. You can have humorous and informative text added in post-production that spices up your video. Performers usually include several features but fail to mention any benefit from hiring them...big mistake. Few care about your show's features. Rather, they want to know how you are going to benefit their company and make themselves look like a genius for having hired you. Put your benefits in text over your video or mention them in your voice-overs. Your clips should also have clear professional audio just as if the viewer was watching television.


End your corporate promo with text quotes of recommendations. Create a easy way for corporate higher-ups to leave feedback on your show if they liked it. This way, you can add the testimonial at the end of your video along with the others. The whole video should be around five minutes in length. End your production with a text recap of the companies for which you've performed. Have the video end stopping right on your phone number which the viewer can then easily call anytime, 24/7.

When they do call, have a script ready that's sure to reel them in. By giving them your undivided attention, you should be able to answer any questions and dispel any concerns right then and there. Speak clearly and enthusiastically about your show. Sell them the benefit that every show is custom-made for their employee's enjoyment. Leave some suprise and mystery un-disclosed just like your video has left them wanting more. Strike while the iron is hot. Airfare and even lodging will need to be considered. Both of you will need to know the other is dedicated to the performance. Fax contractual agreements to them and close the deal with an agreed-to pre-payment. Your contracts, along with everything else, should be professional. Check your local library for legal examples of contracts.

Corporate Gigs

You will need to have a flexible show an hour long. There's no need to go through all this for a mere twenty minute show. They may be flying you into Las Vegas or Sydney. You will need to incorporate (no pun intended) special parts you can plug into your custom show that relates specifically to your target audience. Employee names, cities, competition, perhaps even their products can be worked into strategic areas of your show. Once you create a template, you will be able to make custom shows fairly easily. All this work translates into mucho dinero.

Unless you're a seasoned video editor, have all this assembled by a professional. You will need to consider the video format, audio format, disc format, as well as various online distributions available and what you can expect from each. Talk it all over with a pro or two in the entertainment field.

Professional promoters agree. You're not going to be able to do much better than this unless you have an inside friend who can influence the corporate entertainment decision. However, it's still their neck on the line so you best be an excellent entertainer with years of experience, confidence, and personality.

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