Faint of Heart
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Busking is not for the faint of heart. If you have any fears of people, children, dogs, cats, rats, bats, or Minnesota Fats, these will have to be addressed before the art of true busking can be attempted. If you are afraid of something, this may be an excellent therapy for you to confront your fears and bare your soul. Consult your local shrink for guidance and therapy to overcome your fears.

We all have a basic fear of the general public thinking us a fool. To begin busking, it is then best to become a fool and leave no doubt. Once this attitude is established, you can proceed to perform what you do best only to receive accolades and standing ovations.

Everybody plays the fool
There's no exception to the rule
It may be factual, may be cruel
Everybody plays the fool

Busking is about taking chances. It is not some romantic story of an intergalactic busker hitch-hiking across the galaxy. It is much more down to earth, much more incredible, and much more real than any sci-fi story. You will meet other amazing people and enjoy yourself like you've never drempt. With street performing, you will meet people with very similar interests as yours. You will fall in love with it and you will be loved in return.

You will experience hardship, frustration, and disappointment...but these things are just common occurrences anyway in life. Why not really live your life and be a complete blithering fool? Perhaps a jester, a muse, a village idiot? These would be too real in some places yet, with thousands of years of history, be perfectly at home in other cultures.

Busking and street performing is obviously weather-permitting. Always plan ahead for the inevitable. There has been more than one occasion where the busker purchased something he probably shouldn't have only to have it rain for 3-4 days. This leaves the busker little choice but to lower his high standards of excellence and begin robbing homes until the weather clears.

Such joy...

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