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Let's be honest here. If you want to be a successful street performer, you MUST have a good show. You could have the best crowd gathering skills or over 100 witty remarks but if your show sucks, people are not going to stay and watch you.

You might get a few gawkers but they will most probably walk off without placing a cent in your hat.

There are several elements that make a good show. Colour, comedy, timing, surprise, etc...are just a few elements. Most performers say that it's not what you do...but how you do it. Extremely true. You need showmanship too.

Just remember, "People are dropping money in your hat to see you do stuff that they can't do themselves!" make your show seem as skillful, difficult and out of this world as you can. It's your best bet at raking in the best donations.

Perform with flair. Do not feel shy or afraid to be flamboyant and lively. Street performing is all about pushing your comfort boundaries. You want to be an eccentric, talented and loveable performer. Even if your knees are shaking in fear, you still behave as if you are a star and all the people watching you are your adoring fans.

Welcome back my friends
To the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend
Come inside come inside!

Be funny. Be wild and be BRAVE. Fortune favors the bold. If you want to be a performer, you can't afford to worry about what others think about you. Just do what you love to do and be happy about it.

You need to have a show that is well rehearsed and planned. You need to practice and practice till your skills are reasonably good.

You need to know exactly where your props are, what comes next, where you will be, what you are going to need to have your show at your fingertips. No fumbling, bumbling or babbling bullshit on the street. Don't think you can just wing it or make up stuff on the fly. After many shows you will be able to...but when you are just starting well prepared.

I've covered all this in detail in my book 'Street Performer'. From how to structure a show, practice techniques, show elements, etc.

Shawn Leban

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