Getting Started
Busking and Street Performing

Getting started in busking and street performing means releasing all pre-conceived ideas you've had about the sport and taking off with a spirit and dedication to reach your goal in your own smashingly brilliant style!

You will be cursed, admired, scowled, and adored. Some become jealous and envious of buskers. But if this is your calling, it's now time to jump right in feet first.

Experience is the best teacher and, as any professional busker can tell you, the more experience you learn, the more success you'll have. If you're stuck in Nowhereville, you'll just have to find a way out by hook-or-crook to be where the action is.

Right now around the world, busking and street performing is enjoying a renewed popularity like never before. There's a whole range of conditions and pitches to busk worldwide. You may have to cross a continent or two to perform in a major city of the world. Depending on location, competition can be from none to waiting in line. From Istanbul to Hawaii and Sydney to London, buskers are busy performing their shows this very instant.

Come fly with me
Let's float down to Peru
In llama land
There's a one man band
And he'll toot his flute for you
Come fly with me
Let's take off in the blue

Your resolve may be to find the ultimate pitch on the planet where your artistic talent is the most rewarded. This means becoming the very best street performer you can - the elite as it were - the planet's finest at any given moment.

At first glance, it is seemingly impossible. Yet, athough extremely difficult, it is never-the-less possible - very possible. Some actually attain this lofty goal.

The buskers that succeed have the wonder and satisfaction of having achieved the highest spiritual, social, cultural, and monetary result that they can.

The highly prized "perfect pitch" is forever remembered.

This is busking in it's purest form.

Imagine jetting off to far away lands where you don't speak the language.

Imagine people handing you huge colorful notes and strange exotic coins.

Imagine yourself a successful artist entering International busker contests.

Imagine the finest restaurants and villas with a royal view.

Imagine performing tv/radio ads for International buskerfests.

Imagine there's a place in the clouds just for your show.

Imagine all the other successful buskers who have gone before Thee.

Imagine enlightenment through the mantra of busking.

Imagine it all - and much much more - than you could ever dream.

Imagine, visualize, and focus on keeping this perfect state of busking.


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