Tears of Joy
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Probably the most amazing realization is in the very beginning when you experience your first tears of joy. You've performed and someone actually liked it. You've bared your soul and someone actually appreciated it. You've practiced long and hard and someone was actually impressed. When you come home with your first hat, it's time for tears of joy and a glass of wine.

After this first catharsis, the variable schedule of reinforcement usually leads to you thinking up more ideas and feats for your show. Your performance will probably morph into something you've never dreamed. You'll begin to practice more seriously and look for other bits to add. You'll search the internet for new websites and insights on whatever pics your fancy. You may even join local or cyber clubs dedicated to a specific art. You'll always be practicing your lines...especially the almighty hat line. You'll watch and take note of other street performing and maybe even 'borrow' a line or two that seems to work. You'll become a fine tuned machine working to make perfect your show of shows after realizing the unlimited possiblilties that busking brings.

I'm a one man band
Nobody knows or understands
Hey buddy won't you give me a hand
To my one man band

Tears of joy should rain down upon your face at least once in every true buskers lifetime. Let's toast Champagne to buskers and street performers everywhere who have experienced tears of joy!

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