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These days, the internet can be used for several wonderful things. Among these are virtual busking.

Virtual busking involves making a spectacular video of yourself performing what you do best and displaying it on the internet. Those in appreciation of your performance can then drop a tip into your cyber hat.

Begin by hiring a pro to video your show. You want the best quality you can afford. There are already thousands of amateur video clips out there so having professional shots taken of yourself will make you stand out from the crowd.

Next, create an account at Paypal which will become your cyber hat. It is here that people can drop you a tip should they enjoy your show.

Upload your video to your own website and free mega-sites like &

Now add your Paypal donation HTML code to your site or, if using a free video host, find a place where they allow HTML and add it there. You can even set a minimum tip if desired with Paypal.

Now when they view your video, they can drop a tip into your virtual hat!

The more amazing videos you have of yourself, the more tips you may receive.

Check promo video sites for more ideas with your presentation.

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