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Let's talk about the advantages of creating your very own website promoting yourself in all your glory. Buskers and street performers are unique so your site should reflect this and much much more.

The best sites are ad-free so the visitor can stay focused on what they came for - you. Although there are free sites out there which allow you to upload pics, music, even video, you can do the same with your own website without distracting ads. You can link to and from social networks and include page links in email. You can even build a high-dynamic website with a Las Vegas style front page. You will also have much more control over design and presentation for less than a few cups of coffee a month depending on site requirements.

Website building can be amazingly simple or incredibly complex. If you're not familiar with websites and want a quick start, it's probably best to hire someone knowledgable in the field. Otherwise, depending on time spent, it may take literally years learning programs to get up and running. If you do it this way, you'll obviously need your own computer so, initially, get a webmaster to build your site for you. You'll be very glad you did. Paid website building usually does not include any updating so have it designed for the long term. This is your first time out so have it made by a professional.

Do-it-yourselfers can make their own site by using free editors and content management systems that allows easy updating. Wordpress alone is responsible for 20% of the internet's websites. Free website templates are also available for the more advanced enthusiast. Even free hosting is available although with it's own issues and limitations.

Surf around other busker websites and note the things you like and the things you don't. Consider email, bookings, media, guestbooks, and anything else you enjoy. You can even start online conversation with busker forums and blogs.

Your site should be clean and clear about it's content with easy to navigate menus. Set it up with plenty of funny photos and keep it simple. If you must use flash, make it for your front page only. Visitors with slow connections get tired of waiting for whole flash sites to load. Include a way for your guests to book your show and/or purchase something you've created. Make sure there aren't any outdated or dead links.

Try cyber busking with your very own performance video. Since video is the hot ticket right now, it's suggested to produce a professional performance video your visitors can enjoy.

Promote your site with creativity and in the end, you'll have a site that's open 24/7 for the whole world to enjoy.

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